Canton Utility Box

In October of 2021, RAF collaborated with Ryan Pernice, owner of Table and Main to produce Roswell’s first mural on a utility box. 

The utility box is located at the NE corner of Canton Street and Woodstock. Atlanta based artist Christina Kwan (instagram @christina.kwan.art) was give the following as inspiration for the piece:

“The four-sided traffic box mural will act like a bouquet, an offering of beauty and a signal of growth. The flowers featured will include magnolias, coneflower echinacea, and yellow azaleas. Though the forms will be floral, the ‘bouquet’ will also incorporate more abstract paint strokes that echo the shapes of the various petals. We all grow through seasons of change, and this box will represent the bloom of a new star.”

Christin’s beautiful work adorns the box which serves a marker at the entrance to downtown.

The project was approved by Mayor and Council and received funding for the artist and materials from Table and Main and a community Go Fund Me. (Details here)