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ArtAround Roswell Sculptures

What is ArtAround Roswell?

ArtAround Roswell is a partnership initiative between Roswell Arts Fund and the City of Roswell.

Started in 2016, this free “museum without walls” is a public art sculpture collection hosted in various outdoor sites throughout the city’s acclaimed park system, historic district and private businesses.

Roswell Arts Fund releases a nationwide call for all tours.  After the call closes, the temporary sculptures are selected by a public art panel based on criteria including quality, diversity and how the sculptures can spark conversation, delight visitors and activate public spaces. 

All of the temporary pieces are available for purchase

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ArtAround Roswell FAQs

  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal, interest, and experience of residents and visitors.
  • Introduce Fine Arts to a broader population and more specifically activate and advance the discussion on Public Art.
  • Actualize the City of Roswell’s vision/brand to be a “premier riverside community connecting strong neighborhoods and the entrepreneurial spirit” a city that is both modern as well as steeped in history.
  • Actualize recommendations of the Imagine Roswell Arts & Culture 2030 study, completed in 2015, and our Roswell Public Art Master Plan, completed in 2017.
  • Leverage the river, parks and downtown areas and their frequent visitors.
  • Provide events to engage and energize the community.
  • Build collaboration between the various Roswell City departments, commissions, boards, business and civic organizations.

 Visit our interactive Public Art Google Map to explore the collection and learn more about the numerous murals, sculptures and art throughout Roswell.

Yes!  Throughout the year we offer walking and bike tours, local events and community pop ups in partnership with area organizations and businesses.  Information on upcoming tours and events can be found on the Explore ArtAround page and on our social media platforms.

Stay engaged with us year round on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Are you part of an organization with access to group transportation and interested in hosting a private tour?   Please contact us at info@roswellartsfund.org and we can create a private group tour for your organization.

Are you a local community organization or business interested in partnering on an upcoming tour or event?   We look forward to creating an exciting event with you. Please contact us at info@roswellartsfund.org

There are a variety of ways you can explore the sculptures on your own, including:

For every public art installation, Roswell Arts Fund releases a Request for Proposal.(RFP) that includes detailed information about the upcoming project and invites qualified artists to submit their proposals.  Once received, a Public Art Selection Panel to review and evaluate the submissions.

This panel is comprised of diverse Roswell stakeholders including business, civic and community leaders, and art professionals.  One person will act as a Conservator who will assess the materials, design, and site location, and how they relate to installation and maintenance costs. .

The Public Art Selection Panel will seek to choose a well-balanced and diverse exhibition of sculptures with a variety of styles, types, and sizes.

Each submitted proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria: 


  • Is the artwork original?
  • How does the work reflect the environment and neighborhoods of the City of Roswell?
  • Does the proposal address the objectives of ArtAround Roswell?

    Artistic Merit/Quality

  • Does the project demonstrate high artistic merit?
  • Is it artistically engaging and stimulating? Will it be appreciated by the general public?
  • Do the other examples of work submitted support the artistic merit/quality of the proposal?

  • Is the proposed budget reasonable? Can the project be executed for the requested amount?
  • Does the artist have the experience to execute the proposal?
  • Would the piece negatively impact the public’s health & safety in any way (e.g. no sharp edges or elements which might present a possible danger to the public)?

Roswell Arts Fund  is always looking for open-minded, enthusiastic panel members to help us in the art selection process! Visit our Calls and Opportunities page to learn more and apply.

All of our open calls to artists will be posted on our website (Calls and Opportunities), as well as the Public Artist electronic application website: www.publicartist.org. If you have questions about the application process please don’t hesitate to contact the public art manager, Elan Buchen at elan@roswellartsfund.org

Thank you to our ArtAround Roswell Sponsors!​

ArtAround Roswell would not be possible without the generous support from our sponsors. We are grateful for our sponsors and community partners.